There is exciting progress in the world of straws, offering restaurants, retailers, and families eco-friendly plastic straw alternatives. As a paper straw manufacturer, we are happy to be blazing the way in making our oceans and our world healthier for all.

Paper Drinking Straws

Don’t let the word “paper” fool you, as paper straws are made from a thick paper that won’t get soggy when sipping your beverage. Choose from standard or jumbo depending on your needs. When done you can recycle, compost, or even throw your straw in the trash with the assurance that, unlike plastic, it will biodegrade.

Reusable Straws

The options in reusable straws are many with stainless steel, glass, bamboo, and silicone being top picks. Keep in mind that glass can chip and stainless steel can hurt if you accidentally bite your straw—which you may be surprised is a habit you have formed. Also, bamboo can brown if not cared for properly. Silicone is the most popular reusable option for at home but can be challenging to travel with as they need to be washed after use—so pack a few paper straws with you instead.

Other Non-Plastic Straws

Straws are also being made from alternatives like cookies, pasta, hay, or wheat. Even if you don’t eat them, you can toss them without the same concerns you would have with plastic. Also, many restaurants are turning to PLA straws which look and feel like plastic but are made from starch, sugar cane, and cassava roots—making them biodegradable. However, PLA straws can take 6 months or more to biodegrade. This means PLA is better for the environment than plastic, but may have the same concerns if they end up in the ocean. 

As you can see, you have several plastic straw alternatives to choose from. If you are looking for a quality paper straw manufacturer, browse The Paper Straw Factory today!