The movement to ban single-use plastic is growing exponentially. That is why it’s more important than ever to find sustainable alternatives to everyday products such as straws, utensils, take-out containers, and more. This push led to the reappearance of the formerly prominent paper straw. These simple, yet effective, utensils are taking the world by storm and demanding a presence in all markets.

The Paper Straw Factory spent months testing various straws and papers before settling on a mill. The sustainably harvested paper used to manufacture our paper straws is both soil biodegradable and seawater biodegradable. That means that our paper straws will biodegrade within a few months instead of clogging our grounds and seas throughout our great grandchildren’s lifetimes.                                                                                                                                                                                             Soil Biodegradable Certificate     |     Seawater Biodegradable Certificate

Here are some tips on what to tell family, friends, or customers who don’t support the paper straw movement:

  • Paper straws are much better for the environment. They breakdown within months instead of hundreds of years.
  • Soon we won’t have a choice but to use paper straws. We are getting ahead of the game before the best options are gone.
  • This is a simple and effective way to reduce our footprint.
  • Paper straws require more gentle use than plastic straws. We are all adjusting to this change together.
  • The benefit of these paper straws is that a portion of every purchase goes toward planting trees in US National Parks.
  • Great improvements have been made since paper straws were first introduced back into the market.
  • These paper straws were manufactured right here in the United States so the more straws we buy, the more jobs we create.

The Paper Straw Factory has paper straws available in quantities of 500, 4,000, or 96,000 to meet the needs of many markets including restaurants, food service, hospitals, hotels, and homes throughout the world.

Orders may be placed online here, via email to, or by phone at (864) 438-0862.

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