Who wants to deal with a paper straw that falls apart right away? We don’t, and we can bet that you and your customers don’t either. That makes it hard to trust the cheesy paper straw salespeople who claim to have “quality” and “long-lasting” straws. At some point it goes in one ear and out the other, right? That’s why we set out to PROVE our quality instead of just TELLING it.

The photos above show the end result after our paper straws sat in water from Friday at noon until Monday at noon. One straw started in room temperature water and the other started in cold water. As proven by the photos, both paper straws are still fully intact 72 hours later. Now that’s something to brag about!

Our quality shows not only in our straws, but also in our price. Even with all the altruistic efforts we have pledged to abide by, we were still able to price our paper straws at or below the market average.


If you’re still on the fence about our straws, think about what every purchase from us goes toward. First, it contributes to our fund to plant trees in US National Parks. Second, it supports a company dedicated to maintaining and creating jobs within the United States. Third, it gets you paper straws that are both soil biodegradable and seawater biodegradable. Fourth, it gives our great grandchildren the chance to have a healthy Earth without plastic clogging the grounds and seas. Fifth, it decreases the demand for single-use plastic straws which in turn reduces the supply. Sixth, it gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are getting a truly high-quality paper straw. Seventh, it gives you eternal bragging rights that you supported a small and family-owned company.

We’ll be honest, we aren’t sure why you would ever buy from anyone else.

    The Paper Straw Factory has paper straws available in quantities of 500, 4,000, or 96,000 to meet the needs of many markets including restaurants, food service, hospitals, hotels, and homes throughout the world.

    Orders may be placed online here, via email to hello@thepaperstrawfactory.com, or by phone at (864) 438-0862.

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