About The Paper Straw Factory

The Paper Straw Factory provides wholesale paper straws that are eco-friendly and available in bulk.



Who is The Paper Straw Factory

We are a family-owned paper straw manufacturer in South Carolina striving to improve the environment by providing wholesale paper straws. By combining our 60+ years of manufacturing experience with our dedication to the environment, we are able to deliver an earth-friendly alternative to the harmful plastic straw.

The Paper Straw Factory strives to provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws and improve the health of the environment. We provide a wide selection of durable, wholesale paper straws. The Paper Straw Factory is a quality paper straw supplier for businesses, individuals, weddings, and other events across the nation.

Biodegradable Paper

Paper straws are a great alternative to plastic straws. The paper we use in our paper straws is soil and marine biodegradable.

Gluten- & Allergen-Free

Our paper straws are gluten-free and allergen-free. We would be more than happy to provide these certificates upon request.

Karmic Sustainability

By manufacturing paper straws, we have developed a sustainable resource and are giving back to the environment to ensure its future prosperity. 

Our Pledge

✓ To always maintain operations in the United States
✓ To plant a minimum of 10 times more trees than our straws require
✓ To continue using top-quality and sustainable raw materials

The Initial Straw is a Standard White

A portion of your purchase will be donated to plant trees in U.S. National Parks.