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    Wrapped Paper Straws

    The Paper Straw Factory manufactures wrapped paper straws and unwrapped paper straws to meet your needs. Our standard wrapped paper straws come sporting our company name and slogan for easy recognition. Our standard unwrapped paper straws come in a plain white with no colors or designs.

    Striped paper straws and custom designed paper straws are increasing in popularity. We are taking measures to meet this demand by purchasing a custom printer. This option would allow us to manufacture stiped paper straws, branded paper straws, customized paper straws, colored paper straws, and more upon request. Due to the increasing demand for paper straws, our customizable straws may have variable lead and production times. Please contact us for more information.

    Did You Know?

    • Every purchase of our paper straws is an investment in karmic sustainability. We have so much faith in our altruistic efforts that it needed its own term. Karmic sustainability is a play on good karma and sustainability. In other words, your purchase instills good karma through our tree planting and giving back to the environment. The more paper straws you purchase from us, the more good karma you’ll have coming your way.
    • To be an effective alternative to plastic straws, paper drinking straws must be able to breakdown within a much shorter timeframe. The concept is simple: the shorter the use time of a paper straw, the less work the planet will have to do to break it down. How does this affect you? It means that you may not be able to use the same straw for more than a few hours. Don’t worry, we will be here to supply more.
    • Our altruistic efforts stem much deeper than our paper straws. The Paper Straw Factory has pledged to plant a minimum of ten times more trees than our straws require, to always maintain operations within the United States, and to continue the use of top-quality ingredients and sustainable raw materials.
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