Jumbo Paper Straws – Wrapped, White


These 7.75” unwrapped paper straws come with 500 per case. They are standard white and 100% manufactured in South Carolina, USA.

Our paper straws are highly durable and will remain intact for the duration of the standard drink.

Paper straws require more gentle use than plastic straws but are much gentler on the environment.

A purchase of paper straws from us comes with many benefits:

  • We pledge to plant a minimum of 10x more trees than our straws require
  • The paper used to manufacture our straws is soil and marine biodegradable
  • We pledge to always maintain operations within the United States
  • We pledge to continue using top-quality and sustainable raw materials
  • Every purchase from us is an investment in karmic sustainability*
  • We offer free shipping on all recurring orders

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

515 in stock


Additional information

Weight 13.6 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10.25 × 20 in


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