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The Paper Straw Factory manufactures premium paper straws in the United States. We provide premium paper straws that decompose on land and in seawater. Our paper straws come in quantities of 500, 4,000, and 100,000 to meet the needs of restaurants, food service, hospitals, hotels, and home use.

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Premium Paper Straws 

We are a youthful paper straw manufacturer dedicated to providing sustainable non-plastic straws. As a high quality paper straw manufacturer, our goal is to reduce plastic waste and give back to the environment by donating a portion of our sales to planting trees in US national parks. Our disposable paper straws are high-quality and great for businesses and individuals planning parties, weddings, and more.


As a quality paper straw company, our paper straws are made from biodegradable, gluten-free, and allergen-free material that is durable and dependable. Our premium paper straws are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws.


Made in the USA


Why Paper Straws?

At The Paper Straw Factory, we are committed to improving our planet by providing paper straws that are eco-friendly and recyclable. Paper straws are a solution to reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes into the environment, and at The Paper Straw Factory, we aim to be a positive influence and help others protect the environment.  

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